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Hey, I’m

Alyssa Whalen

Content Creator / Photographer / Digital Marketer


    About Me

    I'm a recent graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho with an AA in Business Management and a BS Degree in Communication with an Emphasis in Digital and Social Media Marketing.


    Over the last two years, I have developed professional-level skills in content creation, email marketing, google analytics, data studio, copywriting, and social media campaigns.


    I recently completed an internship with an e-commerce company, Ultrashelf, where I helped with their copywriting, social media posts on various platforms, and created a 5 weak campaign to help their customer service department flow better as they grow and gain increasing messages. I also suggested a website build-out for FAQs to give customers all the information upfront so Customer Support could focus more on one-off questions and not repetitive questions that could be easily answered on the website.


    I'm passionate about mental health education and accessibility. Working for the BYU-I Mental Health Counseling Center at their front desk, as their Social Media Manager, and volunteering on their Student Council, I learned how important marketing is to help bring access and education to those who have not had the opportunity to receive those services and to end the stigma around speaking openly about mental health.

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