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Social Media Manager

For 2022 I was the BYU-I Mental Heath Counseling Center's Social Media Manager for Instagram. During this time, I made daily, original Instagram posts, created marketing content for events, posted about booths we had set up to talk face-to-face with students about mental health topics, and did extensive research about various mental health topics, while following National Mental Health Day's throughout the year (i.e. Suicide Awareness Month, Eating Disorder Week, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and more.)


I worked with a full-time mental health therapist to make sure all content contained correct information, reliable sources, and data, provided multiple resources for those who struggle with those mental health challenges, and that all content created was in accordance with the BYU-Idaho branding standards.


I create content from original ideas to post on social media and make physical marketing material to spread awareness, decrease stigma, and inform about services offered at BYUI for mental health.


I Increased Instagram reaches by 246%; increased engagements by 181%; increased followers by 19.4% in the last quarter. Between January 2022-January 2023, the Counseling Center’s following increased by an average of 62 people per month under my management.

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Data Studio Evaluation

At the end of the year, I formed a team of Digital and Social Media Marketing students to compile a data studio evaluation of my work over the last year with the BYU-I Counseling Center Instagram account. We input each analytic by hand from every post I made over the year into a spreadsheet so we could gather accurate data for this report. We presented this report to my boss and the Director of the Counseling Center.

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HOPE Council - Mental Health Student Council

I volunteered on the Counseling Center's Student Council - HOPE Counsel (Healing, Outreach, Education.) We came up with events, social media topics, booths, and more to educate the student body about mental health and give them easy-to-access resources. One of the larger events we put on was "Hope Week" where we had daily events surrounding mental health and different aspects that play into it. We coordinated with different departments on campus, such as the Wellness Center that teaches Physical Wellness & the Activities Committee, to put on this week and involve and reach as many students as possible. We had "trees of hope" set up in a main building where students could write down what gives them hope in hard times and other students could come and read the messages other students wrote to gain hope. We did a wellness panel with 3 therapists and a student council member, giveaways, games, service projects, and at the end, a conference with breakout rooms led by therapists teaching about different mental health topics.

Coming soon

Pamphlet Design

The Counseling Center needed updated pamphlets to give to students about the different mental health resources that were available to them and what services our office offered. I designed this center-fold pamphlet that is used in the Counseling Center office and distributed across the BYU-Idaho campus.

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