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Ultrashelf Internship

During my internship with Ultrashelf, I gained experience by copywriting professional-level blogs, scheduling social media content using Later - a third-party scheduling tool, creating reels, creating Pinterest graphics, researching trends surrounding home-improvement and lifestyle, and creating a marketing campaign and website build-out plan for their growing customer service team.

Copy Writing

During my internship, I wrote six blogs on various topics surrounding floating shelves, installation, home improvement, lifestyle, and an op-ed on myself about my creative process. Four of these blogs have been published on the company's website, and the other two are waiting to be posted as part of a campaign.

Posted Blogs:
Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas
2023 Front Door Color Trends
Do Floating Shelves Damage Your Walls?
Getting Your Creative Spark Back

Unposted Blogs:
How To Care For Real Wood Shelves
How To Shim A Floating Shelf

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Customer Service Marketing Campaign

I was asked to come up with a marketing campaign to help our customers and our growing Customer Service team. I met with the manager of the customer service department to understand their biggest pain point, frequently asked questions, and what areas we could help in from a marketing standpoint. I created a 5-week marketing campaign with blog posts, Instagram reels, and a suggested website buildout to help their team be more efficient and help answer questions customers frequently have so that the customer service team could get fewer repeating questions and focus on better assisting the customers in one-off scenarios.

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Scheduling Social Media Content - Later

I became familiar with Later, a third-party social media scheduling tool. Each week I scheduled one month of content on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I created platform-specific content for Facebook and Twitter to reach our target audience. I created 5-10 Pinterest graphics a week that linked to the blog I had written, or to an older blog on our website to draw more traffic to the blogs and overall website.

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